The SC-P900 is simply a marvelous, gorgeous, small, and efficient printer! I love it! You might not be aware that Epson brought out two new printers in the last few months, the SC-P700 & SC-P900. The SC-900 is the Cadillac of desktop printers replacing the SC-P800. What makes it so? Glad you asked!

Let’s start with size, it’s so much smaller! The gray area above is the size of the Epson SC-800, a grand printer but as you can see, it much larger than the SC-P900. If you add the roll paper holder like I used, you almost double the SC-800 footprint. The SC-P900 even with its roll paper holder (vastly improved) doesn’t come close to the size of the SC-P800 alone. And in this new small package comes a new ink (now a 10 ink set) and new features.

The LCD panel can be customized to your printer needs. When printing, the photograph being printed fills the SC-P900 LCD as confirmation. There is a LIGHT inside the SC-P900 that shows you whats being laid down on the paper that moment. And if you’re like me, it just makes it easier to watch the print head go back and forth. Or, you can use the light to help load certain paper media.

And for those who print on Metallic paper like myself, there is a new setting, Carbon Black that when you have a big DMax really makes a stunning print (don’t use this on other papers, doesn’t work the same). I’ve reprinted two of my aviation images and man, what a difference. Zow! Here’s a quick list of other features:

  • Outstanding image quality and color — all-new UltraChrome® PRO10 Ink with Violet produces a wide color gamut for vibrant and rich colors
  • No Photo and Matte Black ink switching — dedicated nozzles for both black ink types — no switching needed
  • New 10-channel MicroPiezo® AMC printhead — consistently delivers prints with outstanding speed, consistency and accuracy
  • Easy printing from smart devices — print color-managed files directly from your iOS® device1 using an easy-to-use interface
  • New Carbon Black Driver Technology — all-new Carbon Black Driver mode dramatically increases Dmax for best-in-class black density on glossy papers
  • Professional media handling — accommodates rolls2 and sheet media up to 1.5 mm thick of Epson Professional, Signature Worthy and Legacy papers as well as third-party media
  • Easy to use — features 4.3″ customizable touchscreen, wireless connectivity and interior LED light for fast, convenient operation
  • Compact design — up to 30 percent smaller than our previous generation
  • Industry-leading print permanence — UltraChrome PRO10 ink is expected to create prints that have WIR display permanence ratings of up to 200 years for color and 400 years for black-and-white3

As you might be aware, I love shooting and printing B&W. Without a doubt, the SC-P900 produces the most beautiful B&W of any printer I’ve had in the office. It’s easier than ever with the updated and improved Epson Print Layout 1.5.2.

The bottom line, printing just got easier, more fun, and more importantly, better with the SC-P900. I’m glad we’ve got empty walls at The Ranch, I’ve got some gorgeous prints to frame and fill them up!

Note: if setting up on a Mac, be sure to select the SC-P900 (IP) printer and not the one using Bonjour.

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