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on Jun 26, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

The 500PF is Such a Delightful Lens!

We’re at our friends Auntie’s house who has created a delightful “shooting Gallery in her backyard. She has it set up for the 500PF so I grabbed her lens and started shooting. All sorts of birds came in and it was fun to shoot the Lesser Goldfinch and especially the Bushtits which I’ve not photographed for decades! I love Bushtits! They are smaller than your pinkie and weigh less than a dime. So darn cute!!!! I was handholding the D6 / 500PF which made the photography so enjoyable. I shot a lot of great birds in a short time with Autie’s great 500PF and shooting gallery, I fell back in love with the 500PF! So I finished shooting as the hot sun crept around the corner and started to bake me and ingested my images. Right then I received a text from my friend at Bedford Camera that they just got some 500PF in stock. Oh man, it would be a great lens for The Ranch and my backyard...

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on Jun 23, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Moose’s Camera Settings

Settings can make your camera truly, yours! They bring out the best of the features you depend on so you can concentrate on your photography and not your gear. But where do you start? Here are the settings I use. They are a great place for you to start. Nikon D6 Settings Nikon D5 Settings Nikon D850 Settings Nikon Z7 Settings Nikon Z6 Settings Nikon D500 Settings Nikon D7500 Settings Nikon D810 Settings Nikon D750 Settings Nikon D800 Settings Nikon D4s Settings Nikon Df Settings Nikon D4 Settings Nikon D2x Settings I hope this helps you jump start your Nikon body...

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on Jun 16, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Adobe Release Major ACR Update!

Adobe released a bunch of very cool updates to Photoshop and Lightroom today, but I’m most excited about ACR! The video below just hints at the upgrades. Check it out and then update...

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on May 27, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Epson Print Layout 1.4.0

I gotta tell ya, the one aspect of moving that worried me the most were my printers. As you know, I love to print and them printers are my children! A lot of prints go out of this office both as income and gifts, a lot. So when I fired up the Epson P7000 & P800 (soon the P900) and I saw no issues, I was so relieved! You see, printers don’t like being moved. The heads are really sensitive and while I’ve packed a few, I’ve never put them on a moving truck and had them bounced for a thousand miles. With print orders backing up in the office, I was anxious to get the printers set up and cranking. With both printers operational, I was even more excited to see Epson Print Layout is now 1.4.0. I find it quite the luxury to literally print from anywhere because it’s wireless and with Epson Print Layout, which is a plug-in in Photoshop, it’s a simple couple of clicks...

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on May 18, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

New England Lighthouse & Fall Color Adventure – Week #2!

Surf bounding at your feet, fall color lining the road ahead, a foghorn calling in the distance with fresh lobster on the plate, all this can only mean one thing. Maine in October! The response to our first week was overwhelming so we’re offering a second week. You have waves crashing on rugged shores (screaming for a 6x ND shot), New England architecture and colors framed in the red Maples, and of course, majestic lighthouses. Color and black and white, it excites the senses and challenges the skills. It’s such a target-rich area that it hurts to pass up photographs and that’s why we’re going back. This is a favorite locale of ours we have ventured to for decades and yet, there are new locations and photographs to make. So we’re going back and invite you to come along for the fun and photos! The dates are Sept.30 – Oct.05 2020 (fly into Portland ME on the 30th and out the 5th). We will pick you up at the...

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on May 6, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Teach to Improve Your Photography

It’s a very old concept that has real relevance today. When you help, assist teach another photographer a concept and you have to verbalize it, you not only help that other photographer, you help yourself. This is because when we have to verbalize something, we think through that process and that solidifies it in our own mind firming up what works and filtering out what doesn’t. As we shake some of the shooting bugs out and get back to shooting, do it with a friend (keeping your social distance) and take a turn going over techniques with each other. Talk them out, apply them, and look at the results. It’s not only fun, but it will help you...

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