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on May 18, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

New England Lighthouse & Fall Color Adventure – Week #2!

Surf bounding at your feet, fall color lining the road ahead, a foghorn calling in the distance with fresh lobster on the plate, all this can only mean one thing. Maine in October! The response to our first week was overwhelming so we’re offering a second week. You have waves crashing on rugged shores (screaming for a 6x ND shot), New England architecture and colors framed in the red Maples, and of course, majestic lighthouses. Color and black and white, it excites the senses and challenges the skills. It’s such a target-rich area that it hurts to pass up photographs and that’s why we’re going back. This is a favorite locale of ours we have ventured to for decades and yet, there are new locations and photographs to make. So we’re going back and invite you to come along for the fun and photos! The dates are Sept.30 – Oct.05 2020 (fly into Portland ME on the 30th and out the 5th). We will pick you up at the...

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on May 6, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Teach to Improve Your Photography

It’s a very old concept that has real relevance today. When you help, assist teach another photographer a concept and you have to verbalize it, you not only help that other photographer, you help yourself. This is because when we have to verbalize something, we think through that process and that solidifies it in our own mind firming up what works and filtering out what doesn’t. As we shake some of the shooting bugs out and get back to shooting, do it with a friend (keeping your social distance) and take a turn going over techniques with each other. Talk them out, apply them, and look at the results. It’s not only fun, but it will help you...

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on Apr 16, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Precision Camera & Me – Backyard Bird Photography Online Seminar

Come and join us! Backyard Bird Photography with Moose Peterson To keep everyone safe, this class is currently online only! We are using a website that requires no software download, full access to class handouts and the ability to chat and ask questions with your class. More information will be sent upon purchase. There is one place that I always turn to for great photography, bird photography in particular, and that’s my own backyard. For nearly forty years, the backyard has served as my testing grounds, proving grounds and big money maker. Want to learn how you can do the same thing in your own backyard? Because YOU can. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this live, interactive webcast. The session will begin with a foundation on birds — from attracting them to photographing them. We’ll cover where to place feeders, protective shrubs and most importantly – the photographic perch. We’ll also talk about gear, lenses, flash and technique. After I cover these important basics, the airwaves...

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on Apr 15, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Desperate Times Call For …

yep, photographing … wildflowers! You read it correctly, I’m heading out for some possey time. Why? If you’ve followed me for a while you know there is one thing I think I really stink at and that’s photographing macros, flowers. Why? I don’t like getting down low and sticking my butt in the air waiting for a blossom to stop moving in the breeze (cause a breeze ALWAYS comes up as soon as I do). At the same time, a lot of your images are really so much better than mine and I enjoy your images. But I know in my heart of hearts that the only way I might get better is if I go out and meet this challenge. The Ranch has wildflowers coming up so it’s time to get past my fear and go for it (besides, once I go down to shoot, if I can’t get back up at The Ranch, I can just roll back down the hill to the office). There is one...

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on Apr 14, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Let’s Learn Video $99!

Now is a perfect time to stretch your wings, talent and imagination by learning video! I just love, love this program Nikon has in place! That’s right, you can rent a complete Z6 Film Maker kit for $99 for THREE days! $149 for a full week! This is a brilliant, brilliant program! Everything you see below you get to test drive, shoot projects or make money with at a killer price! The kit is available at Bedford Camera. Even if you’re not thinking about shooting video, this is a great way to check out Nikon mirrorless before you...

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on Apr 2, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Planning Your NEXT Shoot!

You will be out shooting again, sooner than you think. Will you be ready to hit it hard and fun? “How do you plan a trip when you’re going to someplace new?” This is a very common and VERY valid question I’m asked all the time. I’m sure everyone has their own methods of doing this, I want to share mine. It all starts with selecting the location itself, how do you do that? Since most of my friends are road warriors like myself, word of mouth usually starts the process. Quite often, I’ll see a photo of a location that captures my imagination and that’s how that location gets on the list. That’s a big part of this, finding a location, critters, aircraft, subject that grabs your imagination! Once the location is selected the planning begins. The first thing that needs to be set for a location is when to visit it. If you’re working a 9-5 job, often you go when you can get vacation time so...

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