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on Sep 23, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Capturing “Our” Memory

My Sweetie & Me
captured by Df / 105f1.4

Memories, they are a very special aspect of life that makes us human! Photographs are an essential part of this experience especially as the years roll on. Our memory of events is often blurred by the event, the emotion, passing of time, and by what we WANT to remember. Our photographs should reinforce the “good” memory and blur out the bad. Case in point.

Stonehenge is an iconic locale. A couple of years back, Sharon & I were very fortunate to make a long time wish of seeing those vertical boulders in person come true. It was all we thought it would be, and much more. We spent hours there with our Brent & Katt, and about a thousand other folks. But you’re saying you don’t see a thousand folks in our picture. Did I spend an hour and remove them in post? Actually, when we took this photo, the only other person was the sweet ranger conversing with us. How could that be you ask?

The credit goes to Mother Nature and a fast lens. It’s England and it rains and the other 995 folks when the skies opened up, ran, ran very fast back to the shuttles. I looked at my app and saw the downpour would only last perhaps ten minutes so we stood out in the rain keeping the ranger company (who was so funny and full of trivia and I love trivia). With folks gone, we took our pics in front of Stonehenge with the 105f1.4 at f/1.4 so we popped while still showing the place empty! That reinforced our experience, our memory. Though we’re standing next to the “fence” that keeps you at distance from these big ass rocks, it appears we’re intimate with them.

The photo represents how we wanted our memory to be preserved, just us at this really cool, tranquil, and peaceful place on what most would think is a typical day in the English countryside. Photography did its job, simply capturing “our” memory!

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