Evening Grosbeak (immature male)
captured by D6 / 800mm w/TC-1.25

We feed lots of birds, lots! Some of the birds eating our 320lbs of seed we put out monthly are residents. Residents are those birds that are The Ranch 365. At least half of the birds like the Evening Grosbeak you see above, are migrants. Those are birds that comes to North America each springs to raise the next generation. Our food we put out help these migrates in raising their young and provides fuel for their migration. And it might be killing them!

If you feed birds, you have probably heard at least once, the “thud” when they crash into your window. This past weekend we were out with our birds when a Coopers Hawk not once, but three times within an hour tried to make a grab for our birds. A couple of them crashed into the window in their panic to get away. None died in the process but we have had one or two that did. I had done the usual things to help prevent this but it wasn’t working so I went looking for more answers.

It seems according to the USFWS that birds, especially migrants when taking flight in panic want to head to the skies. From their point of view, the reflections they are seeing in our windows are the skies and that’s where they think they are heading to when they fly in panic (I’m generalizing their message here). If you click on the link and follow it through, they have lots of suggestions on how we can reduce to stop window strikes with some simply measures. We’re working on implementing a couple of them here at The Ranch. Hope there is something here that can help you in safeguarding our feathered friends.

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