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on Nov 30, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

NinjaV Learning

You might be like me and a little behind the eight ball with video monitor recording. It’s a learning curve I’m trying to concour. Brent has been a big help sending me videos which work better for me than some instruction manuals. Here’s one he sent on the new NinjaV I found really helpful. Part of this is an email that came into me the past week in which I provided the wrong answer from my lack of knowledge. The native ISO when using an external like the NinjaV and the Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z6 N-log is ISO800. You can’t shoot at a lower ISO using this...

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on Nov 29, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

BTS Making of the Product Shot

I’m often asked how I shoot my product shots for the website. It actually changes each time I set up based on the new gear that’s in the office. This time the new is the table top counter and the Z7. Every time I want to shoot something, I have to set up the “studio” so it’s a little different each time. I take a photo of the final set up for reference for the next time. The Z7 with the Nikkor 70-180micro was great to work with as I could instantly see the photo in the EVF and make changes to exposure without moving my eye from the viewfinder. I really like using the Profoto B2 because it takes up such little space with its big light. The main light (in the OCF 1.3×1.3 softbox) is the main light at 9.7 power. The second head with the OCF Snoot was at 7.8 power. The second light gave a slight rim separating the blacks. And the SB-5000 shooting up...

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on Nov 29, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

What is “Focus Peaking?”

I’m asked a lot about Focus Peaking introduced in the D850. and greatly enhanced in the Z6 / Z7 working with stills as well as video. Above is what you see looking through the Z7 viewfinder in manual focus with Focus Peaking active (click on the image to enlarge, red arrows point to the yellow grid). I switched the peaking color from the default Blue to yellow cause it’s easier for me to see. The “Focus Peaking” is grabbing the edges it “sees” as sharp and overlays a yellow grid. Since I was shooting at f/32, you can see the DoF being captured as well as general focus. Now it only works when you are MANUALLY focusing but if you’re into macro, this simple feature of the Z6 / Z7 makes them work the...

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on Nov 21, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Thanks to Film … cont

I’ve had many cool emails from my Monday Podcast, Thanks to Film. One came from my dear old friend (best man at our wedding) Roger with a link to this great interview with some of the world’s best Directors of Photography. I’ve listened to it a dozen times now and there is so much simple wisdom in it I wanted to share it with you!...

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on Nov 13, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Time, Light & Story

Working on our Normandy Bound project, there are times when the work takes place where there is no light. That’s to say, there is no light to tell the story. At those times, I grab the light I know, a single SB-5000 to supplement the available light. My skill base is to meld the two light sources so the vast majority of the time, the flash fills in the shadows. So I walk around the entire time (I walk up to seven miles in a day and never leave the C-47!) with an SB-5000 in my back pocket. The D5 & Z7 have the WR-R10 always plugged in so all I have to do is grab the SB-5000, turn it on and shoot. This works great for quick fill. Like the photo above where I simply placed the flash on a book on a paint can and shot Davida sewing on the new material covering the aleron. I can’t let my photography influence the work, the story, it’s the...

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on Nov 6, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

How Many Cameras?

Quite often in posts, I mention how many bodies we have in operation in filming our Normandy Bound documentary. It’s hard to imagine how many bodies you need when you’re doing what appears on screen for a few seconds. Here’s just one example (the bottom photo is simply a quick production shot taken with a Z7 / Z35f1.8). Out of the scene on the top right shooting straight down on Samy and Davido sewing is a Z7 / Z24-70. On the left on the top, there is the Z7 / 70-180macro doing a close up of just the hands. In the middle is a D850 / 24-120 capturing an overall of the scene and on the bottom is a D850 / 105f1.4 at f1.4 capturing just the needle as it comes through the aileron. So that’s five bodies just to cover this one scene and a production shot. The lighting is Genaray LED lights set up to look like work lights rather than filming lighting. The trick in all...

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