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on Nov 21, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Thanks to Film … cont

I’ve had many cool emails from my Monday Podcast, Thanks to Film. One came from my dear old friend (best man at our wedding) Roger with a link to this great interview with some of the world’s best Directors of Photography. I’ve listened to it a dozen times now and there is so much simple wisdom in it I wanted to share it with you!...

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on Nov 13, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Time, Light & Story

Working on our Normandy Bound project, there are times when the work takes place where there is no light. That’s to say, there is no light to tell the story. At those times, I grab the light I know, a single SB-5000 to supplement the available light. My skill base is to meld the two light sources so the vast majority of the time, the flash fills in the shadows. So I walk around the entire time (I walk up to seven miles in a day and never leave the C-47!) with an SB-5000 in my back pocket. The D5 & Z7 have the WR-R10 always plugged in so all I have to do is grab the SB-5000, turn it on and shoot. This works great for quick fill. Like the photo above where I simply placed the flash on a book on a paint can and shot Davida sewing on the new material covering the aleron. I can’t let my photography influence the work, the story, it’s the...

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on Nov 6, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

How Many Cameras?

Quite often in posts, I mention how many bodies we have in operation in filming our Normandy Bound documentary. It’s hard to imagine how many bodies you need when you’re doing what appears on screen for a few seconds. Here’s just one example (the bottom photo is simply a quick production shot taken with a Z7 / Z35f1.8). Out of the scene on the top right shooting straight down on Samy and Davido sewing is a Z7 / Z24-70. On the left on the top, there is the Z7 / 70-180macro doing a close up of just the hands. In the middle is a D850 / 24-120 capturing an overall of the scene and on the bottom is a D850 / 105f1.4 at f1.4 capturing just the needle as it comes through the aileron. So that’s five bodies just to cover this one scene and a production shot. The lighting is Genaray LED lights set up to look like work lights rather than filming lighting. The trick in all...

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on Oct 30, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Do I Keyword?

A common question that hits my email inbox is how do I keyword? This is especially true after my Workflow piece. Because of the way I file my images and requests we receive from clients, the only genre of my photos that receive a Keyword is my aviation images. All my critter, landscape, and other photographs receive no keywording. For me it’s real simple, there’s no money in it and since it takes time, I put it into other pursuits. Aviation though Keywording pays for itself. I do all my Keyword tagging in Photo Mechanic which then shows up in Bridge where I search for finished images to send out to clients. It makes it really fast and for that one genre of our business, that makes us money. So, do I keyword? Yes and no, only when it pays for...

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on Oct 23, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Calm & Smile, Calm, And Smile!

It started out as just another of those great adventures. Sharon & I left the house at 02:00 on the three-hour drive to the airport. When we arrived at the Alaska counter in Reno to leave our bags for our flight to Anchorage, we found out that our 07:00 flight had been canceled. It happens (especially flying as much as I do, a United 1K) and 24hrs and 6 itineraries later, we were in AK! I have to hand it to Alaska Airlines, they did a great job getting us to ANC in what were really trying times. You can’t control wx nor the public, both working against them in times like this. Molly and the crew at the desk at Reno did a phenomenal job! And every time we went up to the counter to deal with the next canceled, delayed and other flight issues, Molly would thank us for being so calm and smiling. As we heard the other traveler’s horror stories, it was quick to figure...

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on Oct 16, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Small Files – When with Z7 / D850?

I was out shooting with a friend and they saw in My Menu on the Z7 I had the menu option Image Size. They asked why … why would you want to limit the size of the file if you’d paid for a megapixel camera? Now that’s a really darn good question. I think my response surprised them so I thought I’d share it with you. To start off with, the Z7 and D850 have an option to change the file size they record. The Large file for the Z7 is a 45.4MB Nef (260MB once opened in PS) for example. That’s a great big, gorgeous file that prints up big and beautiful. And when you come back from a week of shooting and file 4000 of those big, gorgeous images, that’s a lot of hard drive space eaten up. But what if you’re not going to make big ass prints, do you need those big files? In this example, I was taking some family portraits in less than...

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