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on Apr 15, 2020 in WRP Ed Zone

Desperate Times Call For …

yep, photographing … wildflowers! You read it correctly, I’m heading out for some possey time. Why? If you’ve followed me for a while you know there is one thing I think I really stink at and that’s photographing macros, flowers. Why? I don’t like getting down low and sticking my butt in the air waiting for a blossom to stop moving in the breeze (cause a breeze ALWAYS comes up as soon as I do). At the same time, a lot of your images are really so much better than mine and I enjoy your images. But I know in my heart of hearts that the only way I might get better is if I go out and meet this challenge. The Ranch has wildflowers coming up so it’s time to get past my fear and go for it (besides, once I go down to shoot, if I can’t get back up at The Ranch, I can just roll back down the hill to the office).

There is one bright spot to all of this, shooting with the Z7! I say that because of its image quality, small size and best of all, flip-out monitor. I’ll probably start with the 60f2.8 micro which I really love. It’s small, light and incredibly sharp. And since I’m going where no Moose has gone before, I will work at coming up with a more uncommon look at a common subject. You could say something between the two photos you see here. Artsy fartsy sort of, straight shot, sort of. If you don’t see a post for a few days, you know that I wasn’t completely successful and still rolling down the hill towards the off. Desperate times call for ….

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