I gotta tell ya, the one aspect of moving that worried me the most were my printers. As you know, I love to print and them printers are my children! A lot of prints go out of this office both as income and gifts, a lot. So when I fired up the Epson P7000 & P800 (soon the P900) and I saw no issues, I was so relieved! You see, printers don’t like being moved. The heads are really sensitive and while I’ve packed a few, I’ve never put them on a moving truck and had them bounced for a thousand miles. With print orders backing up in the office, I was anxious to get the printers set up and cranking. With both printers operational, I was even more excited to see Epson Print Layout is now 1.4.0. I find it quite the luxury to literally print from anywhere because it’s wireless and with Epson Print Layout, which is a plug-in in Photoshop, it’s a simple couple of clicks and the printers whirl up and go!

All you have to do is your normal print workflow (here’s my free printing guide including EPL) and click Automate > Epson Print Layout. Make your selections in the EPL UI and click print. It’s really that simple, way too simple to be true. The best part, the Epson Print Layout is FREE! Lots of folks are printing right now and this update makes it just that much better!

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