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on Oct 9, 2018 in Field Reports

Nikon Z7 / Z6 Sensor Cleaning

“My Sensor Loop doesn’t work with my Z7” is flooding my inbox. That’s because not only are our sensor loops too small in diameter, their magnification is designed for the distance of our DSLR mirror boxes. So if you’re like me and shooting the bejiggers out of your Z7, checking and cleaning your sensor is a priority. What do you do? Since I’ve done so many videos and a whole Kelby Class on cleaning, I seem to be the natural choice in seeking help. Well here’s the catch to sensor cleaning: That pharse “poke it” has even stopped me in my tracks! I simply don’t have an answer yet because the sensor of the Z7 / Z6 is on a five point gimble. My imagination (because I don’t have the facts) is that putting pressure on that sensor for normal wet swab cleaning runs the risk of not only scratching the sensor, but messing up that five-point gimble. So the question remains, what do you do? First is the...

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on Sep 24, 2018 in Field Reports

Incredibly Fun Morning with the Z7

Ft Worth Camera and Nikon brought me into Ft Worth for the weekend to talk aviation photography. We had a Friday night presentation and a Saturday shoot at the Vintage Flying Musuem. Though it rained the entire time, luckily for us we had two massive hangars of subjects to work with. Better yet for me, my good friend Terrence had a preproducton Z7 / Z24-70 for me to shoot with. It’s my first opportunity to shoot real world work with the Z7 which I’ve been dying to do ever since the launch! This is how I made the most of my time, something that might help you with your next body purchase. The last thing you want to do is take your new camera out of the box and just start shooting! Terrence handed me the Z7 / Z24-70 the night before the shoot. This permitted me to go through all the settings in the camera and learn them, play with them and set them to my preferences BEFORE...

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on Aug 24, 2018 in Field Reports

Nikon Z7 – Fun Reinvented!

It was an amazingly great, enlightening, fun day launching the new Nikon Z7. Amongst all the greatness around me, I was truly fortunate to be just a bystander and just watch and take it all in. I wish you could have all been there or at the very least, I could bottle up all the excitement in the room and send it to you. But you’ll understand soon enough when you experience the Nikon Z7. There were 30 Nikon Z7 kits in the room for the press and retailers to play with. Nikon had a number of shooting stations for them to shoot kind of real-world fun. Watching the faces of these folks who had been through the presentation and then reach into their camera bag to pull out the Nikon Z7 was priceless! My favorite was one who must have thought the Nikon Z7 was heavy because they gave quite a tug to get the camera out of the bag. It came FLYING out and their face not...

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on Aug 2, 2018 in Field Reports

So How’d it Work?

I never knew that folks followed how I worked with gear so closely. I’ve received a number of emails asking if my new rig for working airshows worked at Osh as I hoped. This is what I had with me … MP-7 Nikkor 180-400VR Nikkor 105f1.4 AFS Nikkor 18-35AFS Nikkor 8-15Fish Nikon Rapid Strap SB-5000 WR-R10 Nikon Polarizer: 40.5mm for 180-400 / 82mm On my shoulder is: Nikon D5 Nikkor 24-70VR Peak Strap The biggie was not having the Nikkor 180-400VR bouncing off my side. That use to beat me to pieces and make me a nervous wreck. Having it safely in the MP-7 was huge for me! After the first day, the Nikkor 24-70VR was left behind and replaced with the Nikkor 105f1.4 AFS which was perfect. I’m still kicking myself that I had the Nikkor 8-15Fish with every intention to use it for overhead flights and I didn’t do it once! Idiot!!! Everything stayed dry in the rain which is important. All was easy to access when...

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on Jul 17, 2018 in Field Reports

Geeks … Get You Geek on!

Just published is an article about Nikon’s sensor development labs by Pixels for Geeks which is outstanding! It’s very thorough and well done. Some might have to read it twice, I found it fascinating and...

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on Jun 28, 2018 in Field Reports

Platypod – Great Ground Support!

The Platypod Max and the Ultra are simply elegant, important tools in our camera kit! We depend on them for our still and video work. Many know of Larry’s great product already, he has sold lots of them and rightly so. The Platypod is incredibly flexible taking the place of a tripod in places where either a tripod won’t work or not allowed. I’ve found that the Platypod does this and so much more so very well. The video tells my story with the...

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