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on Jun 19, 2019 in Field Reports

Profoto B10 – BTS Vid

Portable big power has always been the dream. Even more, was it to have it also be a great light. But then to add the flexibility of being a light for stills and video, well that’s over the top! The new Profoto B10! brings that to our locker over and over again! This past weekend, I was shooting more for my Pilot Portrait Project and once again, turned to the Profoto B10. Shooting with the Z7 / Z24-70f2.8 you can see how I start by having a stand-in “pilot” (Sharon) to do a quick dial in of flash exposure (dialing in ambient exposure first). Shooting at f/2.8, it took just a second with the Air Remote connected to the Z7. It was so fast, I took Ben & Marykate’s portrait on the fly. On the Profoto B10 you see the Profoto OCF Octa Softbox (2′) with Softgrid and that’s it. The rest, well that’s in the video. Thanks to Brent for shooting and editing the...

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on Jun 12, 2019 in Field Reports

Elvid – a LifeSaver!

If you follow the blog, you know I’ve bought a number of video monitors. The reason, being able to do it all by myself when shooting videos like my own videos or my Vet Chronicles. While the previous monitors all did a great job, they don’t do one thing my new Elvid 4K HDMI Monitor does for me. Shoot video while not wear reading glasses, like my last video on sensor cleaning! If I could just sit still and concentrate on just them little monitors, I’d be OK but that’s not the case. Between dealing with lighting, camera, taping and interviewing, I found myself going nuts when it came to checking the video (in particular sharpness) as it was running. The Elvid 4K HDMI Monitor takes care of all my problems because it is just gorgeous! This is the Elvid STV-150-4KH Field Monitor. It is portable. It’s not portable that you can attach it to a bracket on your tripod, cage or gimbal, but it’s portable in that it...

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on Jun 5, 2019 in Field Reports

Sensor Cleaning ’19 – Mirror & Mirrorless

Cleaning of our digital camera sensors has plagued photographers for centuries (ok, a couple of years). Just like our cameras, some aspects of cleaning our sensor have changed and some have remained the same. This updated video (which means it supersedes all others of mine) reflects what I’m doing today to clean sensors which include mirrorless. These are the tools I use to clean the sensors of my cameras: VisibleDust Ultra MXD-100 Green Sensor Cleaning VSwabs VisibleDust Ultra MXD-100 “Green” Corner Swabs VisibleDust Zee Pro Sensor-Cleaning Bulb Blower VisibleDust Quasar R 5x Sensor Loupe Eclipse Optic Cleaning Solution This video expresses my methods for cleaning and it’s up to you if you follow it or not. It, in some cases, does not follow the recommendations in the camera’s instruction book. There is a risk in cleaning your sensor so if you are uncomfortable doing it, don’t do...

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on May 28, 2019 in Field Reports

Think Tank Stash Master 13L

Once again, Think Tank has demonstrated that KISS works! Their new Stash Master 13L is a packing cube you can use in anything you’d like for extra storage and travel. For example, you have a bunch of Larson Lights for light painting you want to have in your luggage, the Stash Master 13L is perfect. You have a favorite daypack you want to make into a camera bag for the day, the Stash Master 13L is perfect. Or, what if you want to have a little hideaway bag on the floorboards of your vehicle that blends in yet provides protection? Yep, the Stash Master 13L works perfect and is how I’m using it. You can see my basic Z Kit packed here which is: Z7, Z6, Z14-30, Z24-70f2.8, 105f1.4, 8-15Fish, 300PF, TC-14eIII, FTZ & 82mm Polarizer. It quickly and stealthily slips in or lifts out of the truck and when inside, you can’t see it. It’s an inexpensive way to organize and protect your gear....

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on May 22, 2019 in Field Reports

Texture – Brilliant!!!

It’s so simple, it’s brilliant. In the latest ACR update (11.3), you’ll find Texture. It’s in the Basic Panel and, Split Grad and Brush and I simply love it!! What you see is my normal setting, 30, and I’ve added it to my ACR Preset. What does it do? It brings out / cleans up texture in an image. And it does it so well, it tricks the eye to see things as sharper. That’s it. As I said, it’s so simple yet so powerful. Check it...

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on May 2, 2019 in Field Reports

Rode Wireless Go

Announced at CES a few months ago, my unit just arrived and I have to say the advertising is true. The new Rode Wireless Go is out of the box ready to go! In the simplest of terms, you have a wireless mic/tramnsmitter sending great sound back to the receiver that is connected to the camera for your video productions. You can literally take it out of the box and start using it, that’s what I did! The highlights are: For Mobile Journalist, Videographer Built-In Omni Mic & 3.5mm Mic Input Miniature Clip-On Transmitter Miniature Clip-On Receiver Easy Setup with No Menus Three Adjustable Gain Settings 7 Hr Rechargeable Batteries + USB Power Bright, Informative LCD Screen Battery Status & Audio Level on Display Up to 8 Mics on Set / 230′ Range They are incredibly small, the size of a matchbook, just a tad thicker. Charging via USB is pretty cool which helps keep their size really small. The only drawback I found that is if using the...

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