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on Jul 17, 2018 in Field Reports

Geeks … Get You Geek on!

Just published is an article about Nikon’s sensor development labs by Pixels for Geeks which is outstanding! It’s very thorough and well done. Some might have to read it twice, I found it fascinating and...

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on Jun 28, 2018 in Field Reports

Platypod – Great Ground Support!

The Platypod Max and the Ultra are simply elegant, important tools in our camera kit! We depend on them for our still and video work. Many know of Larry’s great product already, he has sold lots of them and rightly so. The Platypod is incredibly flexible taking the place of a tripod in places where either a tripod won’t work or not allowed. I’ve found that the Platypod does this and so much more so very well. The video tells my story with the...

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on Jun 25, 2018 in Field Reports

New Glass, New Lessons

It was a very fun and educational weekend with the newly arrived 180-400VR. It was fun because it was a new lens (I love new glass). Educational because I learned something about myself and my photography I didn’t know before. I’m very fortunate to be able to order the 180-400VR from B&H and using my NPS priority, get one of the first to be shipped. Right off the bat, I knew I had made the right choice is getting the lens (here are my first thoughts). Here’s what I learned about the lens and me the last couple of days. I never knew what a pain adding a teleconverter can be! I use one a lot with the 800mm, either its matched 1.25x or the TC-14eIII. With the 180-400VR, the 1.4x is built-in, flip the switch up for 1x and down for 1.4x. My finger quickly figured out which for which and the ease of shooting with and without instantly made me wish more of my lenses had one...

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on Jun 14, 2018 in Field Reports

Normandy Bound Fast On Track!

Our C-47, #43-48950 has made incredible progress at the hands of the talented crew at Turin Aviation Group! As you can see from our aerial view, she’s got all her body work done and first coat of the final “green” applied. Just finding the exact green she came with from the factory was a challenge. That coat of paint represents hundreds of hours working on corrosion control and panel work that is now invisible below the new paint. We made two filming visits this month to keep up with the work. You can see an update of our filming on our site. And we want to thank ALL who keep contributing to the filming of the documentary! We’re so pleased to have sent out our 50th coin, that means a lot to us!...

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on May 31, 2018 in Field Reports

Photoshop World Precon 2018

I’m exhausted and that’s because it was simply a fabulous day! Photoshop World started with its Precon yesterday and I had a marvelous group of 40 photographers eager to tackle the world of writing with light, better known as photography! Under incredibly stormy skies after an hour of classwork, we headed out to my dear friend’s Stallion 51 to work with six Mustang P-51Ds and our models Tea & Shada. It was a great class and I know this because I didn’t get to shoot other than a couple of example photo to give folks a direction to start. With all the rains, we took advantage of the huge hangar and gorgeous light its big open doors provide us. You can see Tea above from the simple exercise of moving a subject in further and further into the hangar to use that light. We had a short break in the rain when they could pull on a Mustang out on the ramp. With the great God screem above, the...

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