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on Jan 7, 2019 in Wildlife Photography

1/5sec Tack Sharp?

Red-shafted Flicker
captured by Z7 / 800mm @1/5

It’s been a snowy weekend and that always has me looking out for photographic opportunities. My first thought is always the birds and they’re coping with the falling snow. So with that in mind, I grabbed the Z7 / 800mm and pointed it at a Red-shafted Flicker perched on tree four. Now to say it’s snowing in a photograph, you gotta see the snow. To see the snow falling, you need a slow shutter speed. How slow? The all depends on the size of the snow and how fast it’s falling. Birds in big snows tend to take to cover which means they are out of the snow and wind. This means slow snow and slow snow means a slow shutter speed. Trying to get the limited snow to streak required 1/5 shutter speed which often scares most. Using proper long lens technique and in this case, the Z7 with its gimbal made it simple. The variable in the sharp photo was the Flicker holding still. With that in play, I shot off thirty or so frames trying to get just one with snow streaking. Sadly, never got the shot I wanted but what I captured was sharp so the next snowy day, I’m ready to try again.

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