Bryce Canyon captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8

Our cameras come with a number of special or what I think of “Fun” Picture Controls taking our photography in an untypical path. One of these is #17 Charcoal, one I’ve played with a lot and use in very specific times to help tell the visual story. I’m in Bryce shooting and my dear friend said, “I think I’m going to use Graphite.” She has been playing with this Picture Control on some macro shots. The light had gotten hard and the call of the wild pancake was loud, so I decided to switch to #18 Graphite and give it a try.My first shots had direct light on the hoodoos and that simply doesn’t work with Graphite whose tone curve tends to not like highlights. I then turned to areas that had no direct sunlight and shot. Graphite worked some very cool fun on the reds and oranges of Bryce. The photo looks like a combination of B&W and infared and gets this looks with no post processing. What you see here is right out of the camera via NX Studio. When you look at the original view (below), it’s not one you would take in color but with the Graphite, a new tool in my visual storytelling arsenal makes some photos works with the help of a fun curve!

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