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on Feb 27, 2014 in Gear Just Introed!

35f1.8 AFS Field Shoot


On our K&M Adventure to Moab, we made the mandatory stop at the Hole N” the Rock. This is a great place to spend highnoon when the light is hot and the contrast sever. This unique collection of western legend and lore was a marvelous place to take the new 35f1.8AFS for a serious spin (on the Df of course), shooting just at f1.8 to see what it could do.


I should start by saying I was shooting with the Nikon 77mm Circular Polarizer II Filter to remove the blue reflection caused by the sky and thus, bringing out the warmth of the red rock environment and in some part, softening the contrast. This comet art was the perfect place to start as I was just inches away from the front of it when I made the shot. The edge to edge sharpness of the 35f1.8 in combination with its shallow DoF at f1.8 really go hand in hand to produce a gorgeous file. While technically not noted as a flat field lens, I found the 35f1.8AFS to perform as such and used that to my advantage. Understanding how the plane of focus operates, simply minuscule twist of the body can throw the DoF.


I used that basic technique in photographing this artistic statue of a jeep. Made of all sorts of parts like wrenches, nuts, saw blades an the like were welded to make this really cool jeep. Twisting the body just so, I could throw the DoF and if you stare at the photo long enough, it almost looks like a “miniature.” The quality of the 35mm makes this all happen which is kinda of exciting because the price of the lens in modern day camera terms is really inexpensive!


There is only a couple of nits I have about the lens. The filter size is that 58mm which just doesn’t fit a thing in my bag. Had to borrow a 58mm polarizer for example. While I shot the entire time in AF mode, there we a couple of times when I would fine tune manually. The manual focus is very responsive but it just tighter than I’m use to. Finally, it’s just not the sexiest lens in the bag. But what matters is its performance and that is simply, outstanding! This is a great lens that will serve you very well.

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