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on Jan 9, 2020 in Aviation

When the Background Needs to Goes Away

C-47 Dakota
captured by D4s / 24-70f2.8AFS

The background is everything! There are times though when you want it all to go away. But when it all goes away, so might your story. So what’s a photographer to do? In aviation and you’re shooting statics you could be done before you start. That’s when being better at weather predictions might just make your day! Ground fog happens quite often at airports where you have all that grass. After it rains, the dew point (you gotta learn that magical number) tells you the night before if ground fog will develop permitting you to make magical backgrounds where there are none.

FM-2 Wildcat
captured by D4s / 24-70f2.8AFS

There is a romantic allure to WWII aircraft sitting on the ramp that ground fog conjures up. The fog is a great way to make any background disappear but not the storytelling. In this case, there is a sky zip line tower (two of them) and a larger hangar being hidden by this bank of fog. Rust-0range structures in the background would have completely dispelled any illusion of the past for these two aircraft. But by looking at the weather and the dew point, there was no problem! Not only do you have the benefit of a clean background that tells a story, but you have a natural God scrim softening the light. A little knowledge of the weather can really help when the background needs to go away!

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