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on Oct 4, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

A Quick DeFishing

Roosevelt Nat’l Park
captured by D850 / 8-15Fish

I love, love the incredible wide view the Nikon 8-15Fish captures at 14mm & 15mm! There are time though when I don’t want the horizon curved. First option is to plane the horizon line dead center in the frame. There are times though like with this example, that doesn’t work either. Since I am using a Fisheye lens, keeping all line perfectly straight isn’t the goal. Sharing the wide open views is. The way I do that is simple and done in Photoshop.

Why not use Lens Correction? Lens Correction crops the image and I don’t want to lose any of the grandeur. I also don’t want the “stretch” marks it creates. And this is so simple and only takes seconds. I like simple!

#1 Free Transform

Open up your image and hit Cmd(Ctrl) T which brings up Free Transform. Next right click within the bounding box and click on Warp which brings up the grid.

#2 Grab bottom handles

Grab the handle on the bottom line 1/3 line of the grid and pull that handle all the way down to the bottom handle below it. Do the same with the handle on the opposite side of the grid. You want to remember where to place the horizon when you’re shooting to take advantage of these two handles.

#3 pull to the bottom

When done completely the handles will disappear into the bottom handles.

#4 pull up center handles

Then grab the center two handles (red arrows) and pull them up until the horizon line looks the way you want it. And this it, you’re done. The only suggestion I would make to you is shooting with a camera like the D850 or Z7 cause this technique at the very least bends pixels pretty severely. The more you have, the better your results will look. Then just have fun!!!!

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