combined screen capture from Adobe Camera Raw

I love and depend on ACR, Adobe Camera Raw, for finishing my Raw files. Great new tool “hidden’ inside I think you should know about. You might know that if you hold down Shift and click on the White and/or Black Slider handle (the triangle), ACR will set your White Point / Black Point. Now, if you hold down the Shift Key, you will see “Auto” appear the first six sliders (as above). Double click on a slider handle (triangle) and ACR will Auto set that slider to what it thinks is right. This is a great tool to help teach you some simple bounds. For example, using this for Highlights and Shadows, yes, you will see it “fix” your image. Just as important you will start to teach yourself some limits for using these sliders for the finish you want without “corrupting” pixel quality. I highly recommend you check it out!

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