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on Dec 16, 2019 in Moose's Camera Bag

Acratech Long Lens Head

Acratech Long Lens Head

Long Lens support is essential in making a sharp image of a moving subject. When it comes to my Nikkor 180-400VR and 800f5.6, I have turned to the long out of manufacture B2 head. This is a beast of a head but steady as a rock. When my good friend Chuck told me about the Acratech products and its Long Lens Head that weighs LESS THAN A POUND, I was sooo skeptical! It’s rated for 600mm or shorter so the 180-400VR, it holds like a rock. But I need to stress a head before I use it fulltime, taking it to the limits for the severe conditions I can find myself. This past week in Bosque, that’s exactly what I did using it with the 800mm!

Snow Geese
D5 / 800f5.6
supported by Acratech Long Lens Head

This is NOT a ballhead! It’s a specific head doing a very specific job and doing it really darn well. Its stability, flexibility, and lightweight makes it so perfect for the long lens, still and video work. The Long Lens Head worked just fine with the 800mm but it’s not made for that and the D5 but the 180-400VR & D5, not even an issue so this will be my go too head saving me nearly TWO pounds! My old, heavy B2 is now shelved, replaced with this gorgeous head I can’t recommend to you enough!

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