South Dakota Badlands / Solar Eclpise captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 w/ Z1.4x

You’d think that getting up at 03:30 and in place long before sunrise, you’d nail it. Well, if you were trying to see and/or photograph the solar eclipse a couple of weeks past, you’d know that not only the getting up that early is required. If you’re in South Dakota at sunrise you’re way too far west to see it. Well, that fact really didn’t stop me, obviously. You then have to question if the shot itself is worth that effort? Now there’s a conversation to have!

If you have somewhat of a handle on dew point and winds and know the landscape, you might be able to guess how much “stuff” or haze might be in the air to make the sunrise more than just a glowing ball. A glowing ball does work if all the other conditions are in place. They were not in this case as when the sun broke the horizon, the haze simply wasn’t attractive. But just five minutes later as you can see, and the haze worked in my favor. You might be wondering about that tower, why did I leave that in. It can easily come out. I’m not sure why I like it, perhaps scale. I dunno, just did. The point is that when you have an opportunity no matter how bland or grand, follow your heart and you’ll always come out ahead and probably a dollar richer :-)

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