Uganik Bay captured by Z 9 / Z24-120

The winds were howling down the Shelikof Straits and right up Uganik Bay pounding our Bear Camp. The otherwise flat water outside the cabin that were normally flat had white caps your could surf. Besides making boating up the river not possible, our long lenses would have vibrated off the tripods with the fierce winds. That’s Alaska, wind and rain is to be expected so we hunkered down by the fire and did what all photographers do in such circumstances. Had coffee, coffee cake and talked! I had the Z 9 / Z24-120 right next to me because the skies were changing every five seconds with the winds. At one point, a small break brightened a spot on the horizon so I grabbed the camera and ran out the door. Down the hill and up the beach looking out towards Shelikof Straits the view was stunning! The drama in the light was gorgeous so I went to B&W, dialed in -1/3 and shot. It was already dark, really dark but that point of light on the slope of the right peak was important to bring out. The easiest way to make something bright in a frame is making things around it darker. We were on that beach for maybe ten minutes before we had had enough beating from the wind and we ran back into the warmth of the fire. The storm kept pounding away so more coffee and yes, coffee cake disappeared as the storm range on.

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