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on Oct 18, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Argh – Not Again!

I was in Florida with my best friend Harry photographing herons. We came upon this great Green Heron feeding amongst some giant leaves. Killer shot except the huge reflections of the gray sky in the leaves. No problem, run back to the car (I wasn’t completely stupid, had Harry make the run), grab polarizer and bam, problem fixed. The only problem was, I had packed the wrong one, I had grabbed the wrong case with the wrong polarizer leaving the right one at the office! Argh!!! The worst thing, this wasn’t the first time I’d done this to myself. Double argh!!!

I know this is obvious, recommended it to others before and was just reminded myself of it packing for Alaska. I have two drop-in filters for my 800mm and 180-400VR and as you can see, the cases I have them in look identical. And if you peak in the case from the top, the tops of the drop-in filters look identical as well. The solution is really simple, label the cases! Yes, darn obvious but for some reason us photographers, and I’m a prime example of this, tend to make things harder for ourselves. I try to learn from my mistakes keeping myself from mumbling under my breath, not again!

Green Heron
captured by D5 / 800mm / no polarizer … argh

Note: these are old cases I had in the filter drawer that I’m using. The Drop-in filters are wrapped in a lens cloth and then slipped into the case.

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