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on Sep 17, 2009 in Aviation

As the prop turns

It turned out to be a much better day than my start indicated was possible. I was given a special treat by seeing the new High G Ridge grandstands on the race course. Plane photographer extraordinaire and really nice guy Mark Johnson took me along when he went scouting the new locale.

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We went scouting during the Unlimited and Jet class practice runs. Light wasn’t like great or anything, we knew that. We just went because, well we could and the new spot needed to be scouted. I got this one,  cool shot of a Sea Fury as it zipped past.

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Fat Albert is here, the the Blue Angels C130 support plane I believe. It’s got a wicked paint job I think so when it made a couple of passes down the runway, I had to make a couple of clicks.

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After all the practice runs, a number of flight when out and some came in so Scott, Jake & I headed out for an hour to enjoy the flights. We had a couple cool opps like the other, really coolly painted Yak taking off into the setting sun.

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During this time one of my favorite classes was coming in from its practice run, the T-6s. These are such a romantic plane from a long ago era, it still amazes me that WWII trainers are today being raced. Great planes.

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The day finished with this sweet F-33 Shooting Star taking off into the light. Last year this was the pace plane for the Unlimiteds, not sure if that’s its role this year but I’m just glad to see it back.

Richard, my mentor out here who’s not here because of the lame excuse of “having a baby,” started me thinking in June about a 360 degree blur of the prop which requires shooting 1/60 to 1/45. Well, if you notice, all the props here are blurred 360 and the images are sharp. So I’m making progress and thank him for the idea. I miss Richard!

Photos captured by D3, 200-400VR on Lexar UDMA digital film

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