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on Jun 28, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

Multiply the fun by 1.4x!

Yellow-pine Chipmunk
captured by D5 / 180-400VR / TC-14eIII

I set out shooting with two goals: vastly improving my baby Yellow-pine Chipmunk photos and test the new 180-400VR with the 1.4x TC-14eIII attached. In years past I’ve shot with the 800mm, 600mm, 300PF and 200-400 and hands down, the 180-400VR did the best job for a number of reasons. The biggest is its flexibility (its sharpness with the 1.x attached is amazing!). I need to explain that one.

In order to get the shot, I needed to be flat on the ground. I mean, flat (that’s a challenge for me!) So I grabbed the Platypod Max, RRS BH-55 and headed out alongside the side of the house and laid down with all the critters (the ants up my pants were delightful and the caterpillar on my pant leg, charming!).

While there might be as many as two dozen chipmunks buzzing around, because they are greased lightning, getting glass on one long enough to arrange elements, focus and fire requires gear flexibility. The Platypod Max, RRS BH-55 provides stability and movement but being able to shoot from 252mm 784mm with a flip of a switch, a movement the chipmunks can’t see me make, was huge! That’s because as you see, I’m not in a blind, just lying there and they are 7-9′ away when I’m taking their photos. I can’t make any big movement because that would send them back into the trees. The 180-400VR with the 1.4x TC-14eIII combo performed perfect in this real-world shoot, providing me with my favorite baby chipmunk shots ever. I love when testing goes better than planned, easily multiplying the fun by 1.4x!

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