P-39 Airacobra captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8

It was simply, a brilliant morning! The folks at Central Texas Wing CAF were the perfect hosts for the Precision Camera shoot. First, they rolled out a T-6, and then after it took flight for us, this rare, flying P-39 Airacobra came out of the hangar. And while that was great, where it was parked on the ramp was, well, let’s just say less than desirable. The background was so nasty, I didn’t even shoot it though I so wanted to. I went off to other targets of opportunity.

Then the clouds started to roll in and the folks at CAF became more comfortable with the group of photographers who did a marvelous job being respectful and inquisitive. I asked Clint from CAF if they could tug the P-39 out further on the ramp explaining where it was parked was not conducive to great images. While the sun was out in its full glory, there were moments that if you were ready, a cloud would scrim the scene for a heartbeat.

I set up the Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8 with the monitor flipped out at ground level (which means I was bent over with my reading glasses on). The lens was set to f/2.8. The light was hard but wanted to make the best possible photo of the opportunity. The clouds filtered the light a few times and each time, I let the shutter fly. Hand holding while shooting looking at the LCD, I know to take more than normal just to CYA. While not a killer shot, I was pleased as I didn’t have a P-39 in the files. At least now I had a photo cause before I had nothing without the background move.

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