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on Oct 18, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Blinkies are Your Best Friend!

Your DSLR has the ability to teach you about light if you let it. Your Highlight Warnings or what I call affectionately, Blinkies, show you visibly in your photograph where you might have a possible exposure range issue. If you have blinkies in your photograph, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, if you have blinkies, you might not have any problems! You have to remember that the mind’s eye goes to light and bright first. If the blinkies are truly lost detail but if they pull your eye to the subject, there is no issue. But if they pull the eye away from the subject, then you might have to do something. Either case, this is a great tool to understand and use this powerful tool to your storytelling advantage. And to learn more about moving the eye around the frame with light, be sure to check out this class on light.

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