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on Apr 3, 2019 in Moose's Camera Bag

Body Confusion!

Gtr Sandhill Crane
captured by Z6 / 500PF

“If you could buy just one body ….” if only I had a penny for every time I’ve been asked that question the past forty years, I wouldn’t have to have a blog! This is not a new question nor dilemma for photographers and I have no doubt this question was asked back in the day of wet plate photography. And I have no doubt that no matter the year or version of the camera body, the answer still comes to the same one and it’s one photographer’s DON’T want to hear!

Snow Geese
captured by Z7 / 800mm

First, the answer for me and my photography, the Nikon D5 is the one and only body if I could only have one (which, as we know, I don’t have just one so what a dumb question :-). There are lots of reasons for this from its size & bulk to operation to files. None of this might apply to YOUR photography and that’s the answer most photographers don’t want to hear. Some who talk to me about this are under the impression that the camera body will solve all their problems. They might, but as my mom always said, it takes two! In this case, it takes the PHOTOGRAPHER and the camera! Capturing action is a big complaint (cause it has to be the camera, can’t be photographer). The camera has to have the correct settings set by the photographer and the camera to keep up with the action (done by the photographer) to do its job. Autofocus speed is only as good as panning smoothness. I have two photos here taken with the Z6 and Z7. I have NO issue shooting any action with these bodies and capturing sharp images. That doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same thing. That’s because it’s the PERSON behind the camera that truly counts. That’s why in the question which camera to buy, photographers aren’t thinking it all through as it’s a partnership and that’s where there is body confusion!

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