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on Nov 29, 2017 in WRP Ed Zone

Breakthrough ND Filters are the Cleanest!

Brookings, CA
captured by D850 / 24-70VR / Breakthrough 6x

Long exposure is a very special way of bringing motion to our still image. Digital photography through open the doors to using this technique easier and more productively as we can see our results instantaneously. In the beginning, we’d lower our ISO to the lowest possible setting and close our lens down as far as it would go. That wouldn’t really get us down into a shutter speed of seconds let alone minutes. There is a really cool and simple Multiple Exposure method to blur water. These all work but to get to the really long exposure time of minutes, we need a filter. Up until recently the filters available left their own residue in our photos, a color cast. Neutral density material is tricky to make and finally, a company has made a breakthrough producing a super clean ND material and filter!

DC-3 / C-47
captured by D850 / 18f3.5 AF

The “new” Breakthrough filters are really, truly, fantastic! Both of these photos they were in use and you can see for yourself how clean those grays are (not cleaned up in post). The top photo I did a long exposure along with multiple exposure in camera to get that effect. The bottom photo, first I used a Breakthrough step up ring (which are spectacular!) to attach my 82mm 6x Breakthrough to the 18f2.8. Then Mother Nature worked her magic and for some reason, the clouds in the center barely moved while all the clouds around the frame blurred. I only got one like this in the series I took, but I love it! I want to mention that Breakthrough takes their filters seriously! The filter mounts are made of brass and have a knurl so you can GRAB them and TURN them even with gloves on! Now you are paying for this quality but IMHO they are worth twice the price. Check them out!

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