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on Oct 5, 2017 in Aviation

Bringing In The Fall

Cessna on floats
captured by D3 / 200-400VR2

One of the challenges with seasonal photography is, bringing in the season into our photographs. This is especially true when your subject resides somewhere where the seasons might not ever appear. With most aircraft spending most of their time at airports, getting statics shots is typically impossible. Ya, some airfields are where this is fall color. Some even are in the snow and if that’s the case, making the seasonal shot is a slam dunk. For over a decade I’ve been searching for those seasonal aviation photos just because they are unique. Making the common, uncommon.

captured by D5 / 70-200f4 AFS

The way I’ve found the most success is getting the aircraft in the air and then getting them over a patch of fall color. It’s taking the subject to the background. I’ve had limited success because typically patches of fall color are physically small and filling the background with it goes by really, really fast. One of the keys to this is using a longer lens and letting its narrow-angle of view capture that small slice. In this case, I used a 70-200 at 200mm and a 200-400 at 400mm to do just that. Plan in advance your goals, use the right gear and concentrate on the background to bring in the fall.

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