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on Nov 28, 2017 in Field Reports

Business in a Box

It’s no secret I’m a huge Epson fan, we’ve had their printers in our office for over twenty years. At a recent business dinner, an interesting phrase was used that really struck me, “business in a box.” The Epson P600 is a marvelous printer in every way. It’s at a great price, uses so little ink and can work with roll paper. And for all the right reasons, it’s incredibly popular. It’s so popular in fact, many photographers buy one and think that once they have P600 printer they are now a business, instantly! The printer is that good and its prints that brilliant, but the quality of the photograph is only as good as what goes into it. The P600 or any other printer can’t make a bad photograph, great. What a printer like the P600 can do is give you a great platform to learn how to be a better photographer and printer at a very affordable price. Then, once you have the images to support a business, moving up to the P800 (a favorite) or a P7000 / P10000 (ultimate favorites) not only makes good business sense, makes gorgeous prints of your gorgeous images! That’s probably one of the best reasons to print and print alot, it’s one of the best photographic teachers around!

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