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on Nov 23, 2015 in WRP Ed Zone, Digital Darkroom

Calibration = Consistency


Monitor Calibration, ever noticed there’s a little bit of confusion out there about this very necessary part of digital photography? I was talking about it this weekend and it occurred to me, I’ve not posted about it for quite some time so wanted to get on my soap box for a moment and talk about it. As you can see, I’m a i1 fan, using the i1Display for my Cintiq, iMac, Retina and iPad and I do this NOT so my monitor matches the print! The word “match” means two items are equal and there is NO way you can match a transmitted light source (the monitor) with a reflected (the print) light source. Physics tells us that. Ya, they can get close but they can never match. So why then calibrate our monitors?

That’s real simple and to me, obvious, consistency. How do we know our photographs are getting better, how do we establish our own quality standard for exposure and color, how do we send out the same quality product to our clients over and over again, these are just some of the important reasons why we must calibrate. The Cintiq gets calibrated every Tuesday morning. The iMac & Retina every three weeks and the iPad every four weeks. Personally, I don’t want to be showing a client a presentation on my notebook or iPad and have them place an order only to learn back at the Cintiq the photo really doesn’t look the same as they saw it. I can’t send dark images to a magazine one month and bright images the next month, they’ll stop calling. We need an established, consistent benchmark for our digital files, that’s why you calibrate. And from that you can learn how to produce the print if that’s your end all goal for your photography that matches your HEART which is the ultimate calibrator.

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