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on Oct 23, 2018 in WRP Ed Zone

Calm & Smile, Calm, And Smile!

The amazing Think Tank Airport Security V3 & Shape Shifter

It started out as just another of those great adventures. Sharon & I left the house at 02:00 on the three-hour drive to the airport. When we arrived at the Alaska counter in Reno to leave our bags for our flight to Anchorage, we found out that our 07:00 flight had been canceled. It happens (especially flying as much as I do, a United 1K) and 24hrs and 6 itineraries later, we were in AK! I have to hand it to Alaska Airlines, they did a great job getting us to ANC in what were really trying times. You can’t control wx nor the public, both working against them in times like this. Molly and the crew at the desk at Reno did a phenomenal job! And every time we went up to the counter to deal with the next canceled, delayed and other flight issues, Molly would thank us for being so calm and smiling. As we heard the other traveler’s horror stories, it was quick to figure out which passengers weren’t, calm and smiled.

Now when I plan my flights, I always look at the gear I’m going to take, what I’m going to carry it in and the planes I’m flying so the gear always goes with me on the plane in the overhead. We’ve all heard the horror stories and sure don’t want that to happen to us! Right? So I fly thinking the worst might happen (but rarely does). Well with all the changes in our itineraries, my plane planning went out the window and the short hop to SEA, my Think Tank Airport V3 wasn’t going on the plane! I put my puff jacket in to cover the main compartment, stuffed other clothing to prevent any jarring and with confidence placed my Think Tank on the La Carte cart. This is what was inside:

Nikon D5
Nikon Z7
Nikon 180-400f4VR
Nikon 105f/1.4AFS
Nikon Z24-70
Nikon 14-24AFS
Nikon 24f1.4 AFS
Nikon TC-20e III
SB-5000 AF Speedlight

I realize many would never do what I did, and that’s probably really smart. But see, I not only have real confidence in my packing gear, but also the Think Tank Airport Security V3 (its never let me down)! I talked with the guys loading the bag, explained the big, red fragile label (get a roll at Amazon and always have with your) I placed on the bag in front of them that the contents were really fragile and asked to “take good care of my baby” and they said, “We’ll take good care of it.” And they did, checked the bag as soon as we landed and everything was just perfect. My puff jacket has a new shape but nothing a little wear won’t solve. And the whole time, calm and smile made the travel as smooth as was possible. We all can deal with these situations in many ways. I’m just passing along what continues to work for me when traveling, calm and smile!

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