We want to THANK ALL of you who have pre-purchased my new book Captured! We have been flooded with well wishes and congrats (thank you) and with a basic question, how can we get the book autographed? You find me and you have your book, I will be honored to scratch my John Hancock, it’s the least I can do. If you want, you can order a copy direct from us and we will deliver it to you autographed by me. The price is $45 (+$9.95 S&H, CA sales tax where applicable) will get an autographed copy mailed right to you. We are not putting it up on our webstore, you can order direct by contacting WRP by dropping us an email (or call 760.924.8632). You can read a sample chapter right here here. And you can see a number of videos about the book here.Thanks again, and may the book expand your photographic horizon by tapping into the best tool in photography, your heart!

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