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on Mar 4, 2020 in Moose's Camera Bag

CFexpress – Go ProGrade!

Ever since the Z Firmware has allowed us to use the superior CFexpress the question that has filled my inbox is, “Which CFexpress?” And now with the D6 around the corner, the question has been asked even more. Well the answer for myself is ProGrade! I’m running ProGrade CFexpress in my Z bodies right now and they are great! Even better are the ProGrade Readers, they feakin rock! ProGrade are old-time friends of mine I’ve known and trusted my digital images to for a long time. As you can see, ProGrade has big sizes which for the Z7 or D6 as well as others are perfect. I’m well aware of the confusion memory for our digital cameras has brought over the past couple of years. I’m so glad ProGrade has stepped, removed the fog and brought us a spectacular product. Where to get ProGrade? You can buy direct from them or head to Bedfords where I’ll be getting more for myself.

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