Great Horned Owl captured by D6 / 800f5.6

Sharon was out with Maggie when I received the text, “Come with long lense.” When Sharon has a typo, it’s big! Not the first time I’ve received such a text on The Ranch. When Sharon who knows her birds, knows the lens I would select texts me with something like this, I go running. Me being me, I’d not set the D6 / 800mm up on the tripod that I normally leave up since our last Adventure so it took me a couple of moments to get out. When I went out, I found Sharon & Maggie, and seeing Sharon, I knew exactly where to look. We’d heard the Great Horned Owl since day one on The Ranch but this is the first time we clearly saw her. That’s what the text was all about. I slowly walked up to Sharon and then slowly, over time approached the owl.

We had over thirty minutes with her as she seemed to be just moving through (though I was hoping it would be her morning roost). She permitted me to get within 40-50′ of her. At that point, a squirrel or something caught her attention and she moved to another perch and then went on the hunt. It was a great encounter and just goes to show, venturing past your door, there are photographs to be made! This evening during our thunderstorm, she was back just off from our OP staring over the “Back Nine” looking for sure a bite to eat. I hope she’s here for a long time to come!

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