’77 Great Lakes Biplane captured by Z 9 / Z24-70f2.8

Sharon & I were very fortunate to spend New Year’s weekend with both boys and a lot of friends on both ends of I-90. And with little surprise, planes managed to be a part of it as well. Out on the BZN ramp with a nice wind chill of 0, we had some sweet time with Jim’s new Great Lakes Biplane. New to him I should say, the second owner of this sweet ride. After moving some snow from the hangar door, we towed it down to a quieter part of the very busy BZN ramp (my how it has grown!) for a later afternoon shoot (the shot above).

As you can see, there was snow on the ground, and all around for that matter and that’s really why we pulled her out. It was also a great opportunity to get some more time in with the Z 9 and its fold-out monitor. That’s how I took this particular shot. I had the grid active and then bent over and lined up the shot with the monitor pulled out so I could easily see. Using the 3D Car mode, the focusing was a snap. And while that worked great, there was a point in the shoot the light was changing really fast and this method didn’t work for me. That’s because when I shoot with the monitor, I don’t trust my eyes to get everything perfectly level so I chimp a lot. With the fast-changing light, that doesn’t work. So after all that time staying off the tarmac, at the end of the shoot when it was the coldest, I was lying down on my belly shooting. The final photo was worth it though.

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