Greater Prairie Chicken captured by D6 / 800f5.6

This morning, I had the tremendous good fortune and great time amongst Greater Prairie Chickens. Been photographing them since film days and while I have tens of thousands of images of them, I never have enough. And I’m always going for that one which, if I get it, I’ll be sure to share it. This morning I was shooting the D6 with newly released firmware 1.20 providing better low light AF performance. That’s what the press release stated but I found that to be an understatement! Shooting in Auto Area AF long before the sun rose with no contrast in the scene, the D6 nailed focus in a snap! Having shot every body from F5 to now the D6 in these conditions, I can tell you first hand that the new firmware rocks! All I had to do is keep up with these darting dots of feathers, the D6 did the rest. So much fun, I can’t wait for the next five mornings to see what I’m fortunate enough to witness and capture. Thanks smart engineers at Nikon!!!!

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