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on Mar 22, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

D850 … 6 Months Later

D850 is for shooting video! In fact, that’s the main reason we have a couple of them in the great locker. But it’s just plane old fun shooting with it that has so caught my imagination, that I forgot to even mention its video abilities in the video! It’s file quality especially when working with the Flat Picture Control, is really quite stunning. And that just goes to show how much I’ve been swayed by the D850, all I talk about in the video is its still image abilities. An important finding once the MB-D18 arrived was its extending Time Lapse capabilities. I found that I can do the 7hrs 59min Time Lapse just using the EN-EL15a in the grip and have 10% left in the camera battery and 90% left in the grip. That’s huge for me. Hope the video helps and answers a few questions for your photography. And here are my D850 settings.

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