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on Sep 5, 2017 in Field Reports

D850 New Auto PC

Yellow Pine Chipmunk
captured by D850 / 800f5.6

The D850 brings with it many new features, an interesting one receiving no play yet is the new Auto Picture Control. It can be summed up as “The camera automatically adjusts hues and tones based on the Standard Picture Control… elements as the foliage and sky in outdoor shots more vivid than in Standard Picture Control. Picture Control is one of the first things I explore in a new body as I feel it’s the heart and soul of how the camera’s computer translate the world I’m seeing to 1’s and Zeros. Since I shoot the D5 & D500 in Standard, this new Picture Control naturally grabbed my attention. So for the last few days, I’ve been giving it a spin.

White-breasted Nuthatch
captured by D850 / 800f5.6

The first thing you notice when you head into the menus, Photo Shooting Menu > Set Picture Control > Auto, you’ll see a new value scale for Quick Adjust, Sharpening Clarity, Contrast, Saturation. Too soon to know the impact or lack of impact these might have on the file. And while I’ve not had the opportunity to do any side by side comparison, first impressions is the new Auto does produce a slightly nicer file than Standard and not as “vivid” as Landscape or Vivid (I was using the new WB A Natural at the same time). The colors have just a tad more punch while still true to the scene. I’m likin what I’m seeing! It’s a subtle “upgrade” that might be perfect for a majority of photographers.

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