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on Sep 20, 2017 in Field Reports

D850 Pixel Pipping

The Palouse
captured by D850 / 80-400VRII

Long ago, I took a class taught by the CIA on high-resolution photography. We’re talking Tri-X film days. The goal of the class was to take a photo of a government building and be able to enlarge that photograph to see the stars on the American Flag. Fast forward to digital I have often tried to do that same thing but have always fallen short. Might have come close but as they say, close only counts in hand grenades and atom bombs. Well, those days might just be over.

Out on The Palouse shooting yesterday with the D850 / 80-400VRII at 400mm. Shooting this really cool scene when Sharon said, “There are numbers on those doors.” I previewed the image on the LCD and then zoomed in as I had many times already with the D850. Above you can see the arrow and below is that number. Now that’s just darn cool!

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