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on Jan 17, 2018 in Landscape Photography

D850 Winter Skies Time Lapse

I wanted a sunset to sunrise time lapse of our winter skies, 16 hours of shooting time. Picking a night with no moon and moving clouds, I set out for what really is a simple process now. The D850 takes heavenly lights time-lapse to a whole new level of easy! At the same time, it produces some pretty darn clean results. I started with the D850 with the 18f2.8AF attached to a tripod. Using what I call the “too tired to think” settings, the camera set to Auto ISO with max of 6400 and shutter speed of 25sec, New Auto Natural WB, Aperture Priority at f/2.8, I went into the Time-lapse menu and dialed in the settings. I set the duration to 7hrs 59min, frequency to 1 every 30sec, Exposure Smoothing and Silent Shutter (which freakin rocks!). I shot one with the EH-5c/EP-5B AC adapter providing constant power to the D850. I got up during the night right at the 7hrs 59min mark to restart the camera to create the 16 hr time lapse. The D850 creates right out of the camera a 4k time-lapse movie as easy as touching the menu Start (yep, Menu is touch activated!). I just combined the two out of camera videos for what you see here. Really way too simple now, thank goodness. Now you can create an 8k time-lapse with the D850 as well. You would need to shoot Nef’s and then run those through a 3rd party program (like Photoshop) to create that high res time-lapse (which would produce the best results). Either way, it’s so simple it’s a ton of fun! Oh ya, didn’t know neighbors were going to throw an evening party. Kinda lit up the trees. mtc

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