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on Aug 31, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

D850 … You Ready?

photo courtesy of Nikon

Pre-orders of the new Nikon D850 are record breaking I’m told by retailers. That’s darn cool, I know I’ve added to that list by two. The B&H site is reporting they will start shipping next week. There is nothing worse than to get a new camera body and not be able to play (you know what I mean) with it from the get go. So now’s the time to figure out your game plan so when that new D850 arrives, you’re ready for it. Here are a couple of the things I’m doing to be ready.

First, I watched the Nikon D850 Panel discussions to hear what my peers found and see what they did with the D850 in the limited time they had to shoot with it. From that, the creative thought process began thinking up what I want to photograph first to put the D850 through its paces. It’s key to me to see if a new tool solves problems in our photography business and with all the killer new features in the D850, I can’t wait! For example, with all those mega pixels, coming up with scenes with lots of detail is a must for landscapes, low light, focus stacking, focus peaking and time lapse. My stable of lenses is already in place so that is one the biggies that can be checked off. Then with that creative road map and lenses done, what accessories do I need, the basic list includes:

BL-5 w/EN-EL18a / MH-26a
Lexar XQD 128GB/ 128GBSD

Ordering spare EN-EL15a is a no-brainer, got 3. I have the EN-EL15 from the D500 which will work and get me by for the initial start up but I want that little extra the “a” batt provides. I already have the amazing SB-5000 / WR-R10 wireless flash so I can check that off the list. While I have the MH-26a charger and spare EN-EL18a batteries for the D5, we are getting at least one set, grip, battery, clip & charger for one of the D850 rigs. My reasoning is simple, shooting video we want that extra shooting time. My threshold for FPS required from a body is 5.5FPS. The D850 already delivers 7FPS natively and at least for the moment (time could change this), my D850 will be without the grip as I’ll using my mine primarily for stills. Finally, comes the memory and that’s really simple, go big or go home, big Lexar cards!

Everything listed above is here in the office right now except the MB-D18 so when that D850 arrives I am good to go. But more importantly then acquiring all these new toys is setting aside the time to truly learn the camera. The video above goes through all I do to get to know a new body, tool which is so important. I have a list what I’m going too shoot, what lenses, time of day, location to put the D850 to the test. I even have a plan how I’m going to share that all with you (yes I’ll post my settings). I’m the biggest kid on the block, all giddy to get a new toy, I mean tool in my hands so we’re ready for when the D850 arrives.

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