Delkin DDreader-54

My UPS app pinged me telling me a box had been shipped from Delkin. I gotta tell you I was wondering all week what the hey was going on as I have no relationship with them. The box arrived and inside was amongst other things, their DDreader-54. I knew nothing about it so I was curious. I popped it out of its packaging and the first thing that struck me is how tiny it is! Just compare the size of it to the ProGrade 1TB CFexpress card I have inserted. Then I noticed how heavy it is and so incredibly well built. With my curiosity peaked, I read the packaging (I tend to look at pictures and then read instructions). The DDreader-54 works with USB 3.2, transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps, support CFexpress, works on Win / Mac and comes with a 5 year warranty. All, very impressive.

But is it fast? Oh yeah, it’s fast! More important to me is that it works with Photo Mechanic on the Mac to Erase and Eject at the end of ingesting. I instantly pinged Bedford’s and ordered another DDreader-54 so I have one at the office and one in my travel kit. Great reader folks!

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