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on Mar 27, 2018 in Field Reports

Dehaze Your Past

Hecta Head Light
captured by D750 / 18-35AFS

This blog post is really pretty cut and dry. Look at your past images, more than 18 months old and give them the DeHaze treatment. DeHaze in ACR / Lr have this little gem which can work some pretty darn cool magic in the right images. I put up this example of what I’m talking about. Below is the original finishing of this file, before DeHaze was introduced into our worlflow. Above is the same photo with just DeHaze applied. It really makes a difference especially in bringing out the head light.

Here’s the “trick” as I see it using DeHaze. Whenever I use DeHaze, I always, always lower the Blue Saturation in the HSL/Grayscale tab (in ACR). DeHaze tends to crank it up so this simple touch permits you to use DeHaze and nobody will know it. It’s a great tool I use to help the eye see the subject. Pull out an old image and give it a whirl!

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