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on Nov 4, 2020 in Landscape Photography

Delicate Sublime Beauty

Caddo Lake
captured by Z6 / Z24-200

Long, long ago Caddo Lake, TX was put on my list of locales I had to get too. Sadly, it’s taken nearly four decades to make that happen. It is such a gorgeous place, I’m sadden it’s taken so long to get here but so happy I finally made it. Not widely known to folks, I came here for birds amongst the bayou but it’s the bayou itself that has grabbed my imagination and fills be with awe each sunrise. The dew point is perfect to bring out a fog across the water. The batches of color here and there bring the eye to the vertical texture of the intriguing Cypress. Man, it’s simply gorgeous.

Caddo Lake
captured by D6 / 180-400VR

The question comes up with every click though, color or B&W? It’s a very texture rich target that looks romantic with every click in B&W. The subtle shades of gray punctuated with orange and red here and there makes color a slam dunk with any click. So then when you’re assembling the elements in the viewfinder, which way do you turn? This is how I solved the question in my own mind. With the hint of light kissing the fall color, I shot in color. And when there was no direct hint of light and the Spanish Moss really brought out the texture, I went B&W. The toss-up was the cold blue trunks leaking through the fall color. Sometimes I went color and sometimes I went B&W. The one thing for sure, I plan on being back to explore Caddo Lake much more thoroughly. A boat appears to be a key in that exploration which is exciting to plan. More time is also needed as this is a place time has forgotten. It’s a local all wrapped up in delicate, sublime beauty!

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