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on Dec 5, 2017 in Landscape Photography

Draped in White

I just love winter, but you all know that already. I love the cold and photographically, I love the white. And there is no better photographic example of that then when the trees are all dressed in white. But getting those photographs take a little planning because winter doesn’t mean automatically you get white trees. There are a couple of factors required to capture the white, here’s some details.

Cold is the first essential. Snow sticks (or hoar frost forms) when the air temp is really low, below freezing. It starts with moisture, either wet snow or in the air (hoar frost) that the cold temps then freeze to the limbs of trees. Next is the lack of sun because this means warmth. With these conditions, you then need to personally deal with the cold (gloves, jackets and the all-important footwear) and your gear is warm. Then you need to deal with technical. White balance is the first thing. We associate the color blue with cold which might not be the right WB but it’s your story, what do you want to say? Everyone knows snow is white, is that the color you want? You then have to answer this color question via WB for your photo. Then there is exposure, is the winter storm coming, happening, or leaving? Based on how you have that determines how you expose. So plan your trip to be in the right place at the right time with the right gear and the right technique so you can capture the trees draped in white!

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