Bison captured by D6 / 180-400VR

It’s a photograph I so want so bad that has eluded me, the Bison shaking off winter, the dust off. For the photograph I want, I seek particular elements. First is that warm light that brings warmth to the coldness of the situation. I want a darkish background for the snow being shaken off to pop out against. It has to be cold enough that snow is sticking to the fur and for the new snow to not stick to and will fly off. And I want to be shooting up on the Bison and not down on it. In other words, basically everything this photograph is not. But here’s the rub, until I have taken a whole bunch of photos like that did I know what I want and more importantly, what I want to look for to get it. That happens a lot in my photography, I have to fail, figure out how I failed to then figure out how to succeed. It’s a process I love, especially when I see it completed in the viewfinder.

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