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on Dec 15, 2020 in Wildlife Photography

Falling Snow Background

Steller’s Jay captured by Z7 / 800f5.6

It’s that time of year when falling snow can be incorporated in your background to help tell your story. Capturing it is pretty straight forward if you think about it like you would shooting burred water or a blurred plane prop. It’s all a matter of how fast the snow is falling vs. shutter speed. The faster the snow fall, the faster the shutter speed. The slower the snow fall, the slower the shutter speed. In this case, the snow was blowing pretty hard so my shutter speed was 1/100. You might have tried this photo but didn’t have the results you desired, what to check?

The first thing I would check is the background, is it dark? You need a background that is darker than the snow in order to see the snow. Gray and green are naturals. Next, did you use flash as I did here to bring out the color in your subject? If you did, was the power of the flash could be such that it was freezing the snowfall? In many ways, it’s a balancing act but with digital, if only take a couple of clicks to dial it all in and have a ton of fun!

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