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on May 31, 2016 in Just Out!

FL Birds 2017!


Dates opened up on my schedule for 2017 so back to FL Birds I go! It’s been a couple of years so I’m doin it up big. Heading to the beach for shorebirds, heading to Corkscrew Swamp for it’s cool birds (where the Red-shouldered Hawk was shot) and even going after Burrowing Owls once more. Yep, it’s a birding trip and I can’t wait. I’ve so enjoyed having folks joining me, I’m opening this up to those who want to hit the sun and photograph birds. The dates are 15-20 March, 2017 (fly in the 15th and flyout 20th). You’re going to fly in and out of Tampa, FL and we’ll base south of there around Ft Myers.

BE FH 0098

We’re there when birds are coming into their breeding plumage and routine. Shorebirds looking their best before they start back up north and resident nesting birds are setting up shop. It’s a great time to be a bird photographer! The group size is limited to 4-5 folks, the price is $1750 which covers instruction (which includes packet prior to departure), transportation from touch down in Tampa to take off and lots of fun (sun block too). If you’re interested, give Sharon a call 661.204.1506. I didn’t see this coming so I’m excited, hope you can join us!

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