Nikon FTZ II

It’s such a little change but it’s very much welcomed. The FTZ II replaces the FTZ with the introduction of the Z 9. If you click on the link, you can see the change, if you look really closely. The small tab at the bottom of the FTZ is not present in the FTZ II. That protrusion permitted the FTZ to be directly mounted to a tripod. It also would block the rotation of some lenses from horizontal to vertical. And from my point of view, was not aesthetically attractive. This is an essential piece of gear for me, required for attaching the 180-400VR and the 800f5.6 AFS to the Z 9 and Z 6II. It makes up for the loss of the F Mount air gap while providing all functionality. It’s a really small thing but I’m so glad them made the upgrade!
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