Kissing Cladoniaceae captured by Z 6II / Z105mc

If you’re scratching your head seeing a “macro” shot from me, well that makes two of us! It’s the lens, the Nikkor Z105mc that has me looking at my feet wondering what’s down there. My world has expanded because of this lens and now has me wanting to up my macro game. I did “macro” many lifetimes ago and some of those hard-fought lessons are slowly coming back to me.

One of those is showing scale. These tiny schrums, Cladoniaceae, were growing on posts on a bridge over a biggish creek in New Hampshire. I couldn’t miss them colors, they stopped me in my tracks. I put the Z 6II / Z105mc on level with them, focused down to 1:1, and then moved the rig until they became sharp. Focus Peaking sooooo makes this easy. Then I took my favorite pen out of my pocket, the new Sharpie Gels, and shot a few with it so you could see just how small these things are. And none of this would have taken place if the Z105mc wasn’t so freakin amazing! Love that lens!!!!

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