Attwater's Chicken 0374

There is nothing like the gift of photography! We love teaching the craft and art of photography so we offer a number of workshops throughout the year. Many spouses give a workshop during the holidays and we want to thank you. So between now and the end of the year, give a workshop (or just simply sign up) and you’ll receive a 17×22 print of your choice as a thank you!

Jan 11-15 ’16 Yellowstone

Jan 28-31 ’16 Snowy Owls, MN

April 04-08 ’16 Grouse & Chicken

April 13-17 ’16 Santa Fe, NM

April 25-3 ’16 Storm Chasing

May 27-29 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND

June 10-12 ’16 Sierra Birds, CA

July 01-03 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND

Aug 14-20 ’16 Australia

Sept 09-11 ’16 K&M AirAdventure ND


We have a number of offerings, from critters to landscapes to aviation. If you see one that interests you, give Sharon a call 661.204.1506 and she’ll be happy to provide you more information and get you signed up! We look forward to sharing the excitement and challenges of photography with you!

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