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on Nov 21, 2017 in Aviation

Giving the Ghosts a Good Shakin

The excitement in the cockpit overflowed as the first taxi run of our C-47 came to an end yesterday. It’s been a long time since the mighty engines moved this old lady down a runway but she did it on the first attempt easily taking a big stride towards her flight to Normandy in 2019 for the 75th anniversary.

I’ve always been project oriented, working with a subject/story for years and this project is no different. Brent & I have made a number of trips this year to the project and we’re by no means done with a dozen already scheduled for 2018. Each and every trip we learn something new, try something new while improving on what we did last time. The D850 is a big part of the project now, depending on its small size but giant video quality. I’ve also gone back to a favorite old lens from the locker.

Working in physically tight spaces is a challenge. I need a very wide, very sharp and corrected and very compact lens. So I grabbed my old 18f2.8AF lens for this week’s shooting and after the results, it’s staying in my bag. All three photos here were taken with it. When those engines turned over and we powered our way outta the swamp, the C-47, passengers, and ghosts all were shaken up, and it was marvelous!

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