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on Nov 2, 2015 in Great Stuff

Why We Must Shoot!

More and more it sounds like haunting garage sale for photography can have historic treasure. You have the Billy the Kid photo a few weeks back, Ansel Adams before that and the list goes on and on. The film above found in WA at a garage sale. And while that’s really cool to be found and preserved, it had to be photographed in the first place. The photo of Billy the Kid, he was just play croquet. The movie above just a fly in, there was nothing extraordinary about the subjects. At this when it was taken. Same thing could be said about what we photograph today. If nothing else, this is proof how important YOUR photography is though! You have no idea if, forty, fifty, sixty years from now YOUR images are “found” and celebrated because they tell a story of a time gone by. No matter the subject, the time or place, this is another reason why we must shoot!


Oh, the reason for this Monocoupe photo is because there is a Monocoupe in the film being hand propped by Jonathan Livingston. Jonathan Livingston not only a famous race pilot of the day, but as the story goes, the figure behind the famous book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull!.

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